Deleting a Channel



This article will guide you through deleting a channel on a TeamSpeak SDK server.

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Delete channel

To delete a channel, we are using ts3server_channelDelete.

unsigned int ts3server_channelDelete( uint64 serverID,
    uint64 channelID,
    int force);

serverID: The ID of the virtual server on which the channel should be deleted.

channelID: The ID of the channel to be deleted.

force: If 1, first move all clients inside the specified channel to the default channel and then delete the specific channel. If false, deleting a channel with joined clients will fail. If 0, the server will refuse to a channel that is not empty.

Example Code

Now we’re ready to delete a channel on the TeamSpeak SDK Server.

uint64 server_id;
unsigned int channelID;
unsigned int error;
int force = 1;
if ((error = ts3server_channelDelete(serverID, channelID, force)) != ERROR_ok)
    printf("Error Deleting Channel: %d\n", error);


You have deleted your first channel on a TeamSpeak Server using the TeamSpeak SDK and have learned about channel deletion.