TeamSpeak for Business

A Complete VoIP Solution For Your Organisation's Communications Needs


High Scalability

Scale up from small group conversations to large conferences with thousands of participants using our advanced Client-Server architecture.

Superior Voice Quality

Integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noise reduction and echo cancellation ensure crystal clear communication.

Military-Grade Security

Client-Server Authentication based on public and private keys with optional server-wide or per-channel AES encryption of voice data.
TeamSpeak Corporate Package

Utilize the power of our TeamSpeak 3 Client or our fully-customizable SDK

For the ultimate in corporate communication security, quality and clarity, embrace the capabilities of either of our two VoIP solutions, the TeamSpeak 3 Client or the TeamSpeak Software Development Kit (SDK).

With free kick-start consulting and the full support of the TeamSpeak Technical Team, your company will quickly be able to implement either of these two applications and commence a whole new, outstanding communication experience.

TeamSpeak. Your Voice. Your Way!



U.S. Army Game Studio Creates Virtual Training Environments

The studio is best known for developing “America’s Army”, a video game that launched more than a decade ago utilizing TeamSpeak’s SDK . Since then, the Army Game Studio has continually developed the game, innovating to the extent of applying the gaming technology to training simulations for real Army Soldiers.


The Main Features

Proven technology

TeamSpeak 3 is used by millions of users every day and is among the most popular and successful voice communication tools ever created. The same core technology used to create TeamSpeak 3 is available to you with the TeamSpeak SDK.

Integration Support

TeamSpeak has a dedicated Customer Support Team on hand whenever you need them. With full support available to you throughout the development and integration process, we will also work with you and your team to ensure success.

Military-Grade Security

Client-Server authentication is based on public and private keys with optional server-wide or per-channel AES encryption of voice data. Alternatively, you can implement custom authentication and encryption tailored to your business.


Cross Platform Support

TeamSpeak 3 interoperates across platforms, ensuring seamless communication & collaboration for your users.

Powerful File Transfers

Maximize your online collaborative experience. Store and share files directly on the server without firewall issues.

Simple & Flexible Licensing Program

Evaluation licenses are available at no charge. We also offer offline licensing for private environments and LANs.


Successful Implementations…



Secure Conferencing


Aircraft Simulators


Serious Gaming


THE Most Secure Voice Communication Solution

With over 17 years of experience, TeamSpeak provides best-in-class voice clarity, rock-solid military-grade security, total privacy, ultra-low
latency and the lowest resource usage of any VoIP software available.

How Can I Use TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is suitable for both small and large corporations with unparalleled reliability & uptime, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your communication tool will never let you down.

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

As a multinational corporation, we are proud to say that we use TeamSpeak 3 successfully on a daily basis within our company. With offices in the UK, Germany and America, and team members working remotely all over the world, TeamSpeak 3 enables cross-country communication with unrivalled clarity.

Secure Conferencing

As the most advanced permissions system on the market, TeamSpeak provides the ability to host thousands of users simultaneously, select a priority speaker and operate across multiple platforms. TeamSpeak is fully-encrypted & self-hosted, making it the perfect solution for your secure conferencing needs.

Integrate Into Your Existing Software

The TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a complete integrated solution for small or large corporations, virtual worlds, social networks, military simulators, education, or any application where up to thousands of users require crystal-clear simultaneous voice communication. Flexible & adaptive to suit your corporation’s requirements.

Custom Implementation

Need a custom extension, a feature not currently available in the TeamSpeak SDK, or help with your development or implementation? We offer customization, feature add-on, and even full product development services using our SDK.


Your Team. Your Rules.

TeamSpeak gamer

TeamSpeak has built up a strong reputation within the gamer industry over a number of years. The knowledge and expertise gained over these years ensures that only the best and most effective technology is brought forward to meet corporate demands.